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Local eateries worth your lunch money


Gonzaga students love the Sage dining services, but some days they might want to dine somewhere else.  On those days, juniors and seniors are able to go anywhere around campus to spend their mom’s hard-earned money on any food of their choice. Some of these students may go to the eateries on H Street if they are running low on time. Some other students may choose to travel farther distances if they get tired of H Street restaurants or if they really need their monthly McDonald’s fix. After talking to the students on campus about their favorite spots, I gathered a list and visited each place to give my honest review. 

Chick-Fil-A is located on the lower level of Union Station. Chick-Fil-Ais your usual franchise, but it is only a carry-out, and you will have to enjoy your meal at school or in the Union Station food court.  Junior Mekhi Cooper says Chick-Fil-A is his favorite place. 

“It’s most comfortable to me because I eat it almost daily,” Cooper said.

 I visited the restaurant during the lunch rush, but the service was timely.  When the employees handed me my meal, they did not say they patented my pleasure. I just I chalked it up as a D.C. thing plus they were nice so it was not an issue. It was a little pricey around $12, so I would not go here if you are on a budget. The food is your usual Chick-Fil-A quality, and it tasted great, but the walk ate up my free time like I did my french fries. Maybe sprinting there would be better as it could build up your appetite. 

The next spot I visited was Phillips, a local breakfast spot on F St. Phillips is busy 24/7 with people for a good reason. Their specialty is their breakfast sandwich, but they have many options ranging from quesadillas to tuna melts.  Phillips can be pricey if you order an expensive lemonade or cookie, but it can be very cheap if you order right.

“They have good sandwiches and a(n) excellent collection, I like to go with the steak and cheese or quesadilla,” said Brendan Beane, junior. 

The walk to Philips is about five minutes, and if there is a busy day, it will take you around 6-10 minutes to get your food as they prepare it after your order. Phillips is a great spot, and my favorite in the area.

The H-Street restaurants are very tricky. The walk to one of these restaurants is very quick but can be an unpleasant experience because of some unpleasant smells and hordes of people along the way. If you want tips on how to navigate the walk, check out this story.  The walk might be treacherous, but this young man’s love for cookies triumphs over it. 

Senior Deuce Lee loves Subway cookies; he doesn’t even like their sandwiches… he goes just for the cookies. 

“I just go to Subway just to get the cookies. I’ll get like 10 cookies a pop…I don’t like the subs I like the cookies; Chocolate chip cookies,” Lee said. 

The Subway experience can be overwhelming come lunchtime, but it’s not bad. You know what you’re getting when it comes to Subway, but the freshness is questionable, so I would stay away from the tuna salad and meatballs. 

The H Street restaurants also feature the two most popular eateries, the local District Rico and the franchisee Quickway. The restaurants are next to each other and are similar in price. Rico offers Peruvian-style chicken while Quickway offers Japanese hibachi cuisine.  I am not a big fan of Quickway due to the large fat content and disregard for our lower intestines and arteries, so I sent junior correspondent Darius Wise to report his findings. Darius Wise loves fried rice, and Quickway is his favorite spot to dine near campus., 

“Fried rice is one of my favorite foods so I like Quickway,” Wise said. 

The food would run you around $11-$13 including a drink and the food filling. 

Seniors Joey Ries and Jack Deerin love District Rico, and while Deerin chose not to elaborate, Ries loves a sub they offer called the Arequipa. 

“I love the Arequipa; you should try the Arequipa,” Ries said.

District Rico is the more expensive option if you don’t know how to order. The food plus drink will run you about $13-$15, but the food is very filling and a little tastier.

Senior Lorenzo Limarzi prefers eating lunch at Gonzaga to save a couple of bucks in his wallet.

“Eating out is very expensive and by staying in I can save some money,” Limarzi said.

The diversity in food options exhibits how everyone at Gonzaga is different and everybody has his own preferences and taste; however, the students can all agree in believing that nothing matches the amazing food and people here in Sage Dining.

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