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    Managing school work: a tutor’s thoughts Shows school work, and a clock to symbolize time and procrastination which I discuss.

    Procrastination is one of the most common problems students at Gonzaga face when managing their schoolwork. Being a student at a school like Gonzaga, and all the things that come with it can be hard to balance. Between the vast array of extracurriculars and athletics, students have after-school commitments, shortening their time for homework in the evenings. 

    Additionally, the fast-paced nature of Gonzaga offers a challenge when it comes to managing everything going on in a student’s academic and extra-curricular life. The trickiest part of Gonzaga’s workload does not necessarily come through homework assignments but rather knowing how to study. There will generally always be at least a couple of quizzes or tests each week depending on your schedule, meaning students have to be constantly studying the material while learning it. Putting off work till a later date can easily cause a student to fall behind and harm their grade. As a result, time management and proper study habits are key to success here at Gonzaga. 

    Oftentimes, work seems harder before it has been started. A tutor in the Philadelphia area, Madison Shoraka, who also works with students from the DC area, provided some tips on how to manage your school work as a student at a school like Gonzaga. 

    “You can do things like making a list, or planner, or even smaller things like simply setting up something on your phone reminding yourself to check canvas every day,” Ms. Shoraka said. “Keeping track of your assignments is almost just as important as actually doing them.” 

    An important message, as many students who fail to complete a homework assignment simply forget to check Canvas. Setting up reminders to check Canvas could be beneficial, especially because a website like Canvas is essentially a student’s digital planner. 

    Stress is also a big part of procrastination. Mastering the art of staying locked in can be easy, as long as students take away a few simple distractions. 

    “One of my keys to eliminating distractions is that I always have a set workspace. Creating a zone where you do most of your work can make it easier to stay focused, as the space gives your brain a feeling of this is where I get my work done, and allowing yourself to get into the mindset easier,”  Ms. Shoraka said.

    Once a student starts their school work, whether it be studying or a math assignment, they should put their phone face down on Do Not Disturb mode, and turn it off. By switching their phone to “dnd”, it eliminates the potential distraction of their phone buzzing with a notification. Therefore, staying in the zone and away from the temptation to check the phone. With exams fast approaching, students should start collecting study tips and begin preparing to lock in.

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    • J

      James MorganMay 11, 2023 at 10:33 am

      Well done James – – actually going to make a copy & use this next August/Sept. with my new Freshmen in Freshman Foundations (early unit on ‘study strategies & habits’).
      Finish strong!!